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About Us

Ever After is a one of a kind online shop stocked with great potential of capturing your loved ones memory in time or keepsake gift ideas. As a mother of two I know how quickly children grow, it feels like yesterday that they were just babies. As pets are also part of our families we have special keepsakes to capture their essence as well.

I had been searching for something special to tap into my creative side and create something special or magical for people. When I started researching ideas the keepsake idea was born I just knew I wanted to create special memories for people. I lost my best friend, my mom a couple of years ago and this idea was a special tribute to her memory. I was missing her so much and wanted something that I could keep her close to me. Luckily I came across a paper with her prints and made them into a beautiful keepsake that I can now have her with me all the time.

Not only are we offering silver jewelry, clay impressions, 3D Castings, 3D Photo Crystals and personalized ceramics but we also offer memorial jewelry keepsakes with loved ones ashes.

Our keepsakes make wonderful gifts for parents, grandparents and loved ones who can so often be very tricky to buy gifts for.

Thank you so much for visiting our website!